Fine artist who works primarily through acrylic and watercolor mediums, specializing in landscape paintings, murals, commissioned artwork and logos.

Why Acrylics?

Why Acrylics?

Many people ask me, "Why do you work with acrylics instead of oil paints?"

The answer is, I used to love working with oils until I developed a severe allergy to the paints. 

Back in the day acrylics weren't as easily accessible so I relied heavily on mixing colors and

layering paint to create the similar feel of an oil painting. My style has since developed but I still

rely on the blending and additive property of acrylics for the majority of my work. 


I have a lot of fun giving lessons to people using acrylics so that they can build their skills and

be free, which is the best part of painting!  


My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish